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Manage your Fleet Planning like a Pro

Improve Your Transportation Management Strategy With A 360° View of Your Deliveries, Drivers & Vehicles

Fleet Planning Hub

Plan your deliveries down to the smallest details.  

Customers want you to do multiple pick-ups or drop-offs? They can specify their locations and define the operational hours. 

Managing several types of vehicles? You can not only pick from multiple vehicle options (e.g. large or mid trucks, 3rd party transporters) but also plan according to your vehicle floor space and capacity.


Route Planning & Optimization

Get a real-time view of delivery locations of all vehicles and drivers in Custella. Drivers can see their plans for the day with just a click of a button. With this function, the system is able to provide notifications on delivery orders that are nearest to the driver’s current location. This saves a lot of time, effort, and cost. If there are any changes to routes due to traffic or accidents, the map automatically updates the ETA.  


Fleet Visualization

Assign deliveries or tasks taking into consideration driver utilization and whose skills are best-suited for the job.

Once your drivers are on the road, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles will not encounter any road bans or restrictions, and that you’ll have constant real-time updates of their locations.

Custella Driver App

Every Driver’s Dream Co-Pilot

Ad-hoc Planning

Plan or update your deliveries and job orders anytime and anywhere from a mobile phone, without having to access multiple systems.

Truck Classification

Vehicle grouping according to material or item being transported, type of vehicle (e.g. open-roof truck), size of vehicle and capacity. 

Multi Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Customers can specify one or more options for pick-up and drop-off locations and define their operational hours.

Driver Shifts

Takes into consideration driver buffer times, break times, waiting times and rest times.

Driver Check-In / Check-Out

Immediately get notified when drivers have arrived at a location or completed a task, without having to call them up for details.

Digital Signature

Upon job completion, get approval from customers with the virtual signature feature. 

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Manufacturers & Good Owners (1st Party Logistics)

Carriers/Logistics (3rd Party Logistics) & Supply Chain Management (4th Party Logistics)

Distributors/Retailers (Long Haul)

Distributors/Retailers (Last Mile)

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What Our Customers Say

"Significant reduction in false overtime reports"

"Realtime visibility and 50% increase in tasks per day accomplished"

"From tedious manual system to automated paperless system"

"0% Error in Mileage Tracking, Overtime & Compliance Reporting"

"Over 5 types of monthly reports available instantly"

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