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Close Sales Orders Without Having To Return To Office

Empower Your Field Sales Teams to Make Smarter Decisions and Get Better Value of Their Time


Manage your Sales Orders & Automate Planning

Ensure the right field sales rep is assigned to the order by allowing Custella to auto-assign or suggest according to their availability, utilization, skills, and location. Know what’s going on; what needs to be done, and what’s already completed. Your field sales management team can monitor any sales order and link to your ERP/CRM system.

Automatically optimize field sales agent’s day, working around fixed meetings, based on location, availability, and priority. Factor in buffer times such as walking from the carpark, or taking the lift to the client’s floor as well, so there’s no arriving late to worry about.


Customer 360 and Contact Management

Never worry about dropping the ball when it comes to customer satisfaction. Empower your field sales agents with Customer 360 with Custella’s open integration to CRMs like Salesforce. 

Your field sales agents will have all the information about their customers that they would need when tackling a sale, right at their fingertips, with Custella’s ability to remind to follow up, and visit customers near the field sales agent’s location.  


Simplify Reporting & Performance Analysis 

Create, edit and customize reports to help you make smarter business decisions and share them with the relevant members in your organization. Standard reports are auto-created reports that are created by the system.

Upload and download customer data with ease using CSV and PDF formats, linking to your current database and other relevant systems.


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Additional Features

Team & Visits Visualization

See the real-time status and locations of your field sales reps on the map, as they set out on their tasks.

Purchase History

Get a full view of transaction history, product purchases, warranties, and past engagements in a single platform.

Mileage Claim

Get a real-time view of routes taken by field sales reps and this can be used to identify discrepancies when approving mileage claims.


Customers can generate sales orders and make payments at any time from the convenience of their mobile phones.

Nearby Customers

Find out which customers are nearby your current location to optimize time on the job and improve follow up customer support.

Stock Management

An automated tracking system with RFID makes it easier to access your inventory and stock information, reducing time and costs taken.

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What Our Customers Say

"Significant reduction in false overtime reports"

"Realtime visibility and 50% increase in tasks per day accomplished"

"From tedious manual system to automated paperless system"

"0% Error in Mileage Tracking, Overtime & Compliance Reporting"

"Over 5 types of monthly reports available instantly"

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