Efficient Business Optimization with the Help of Field Service Tools

Efficient Business Optimization with the Help of Field Service Tools

Case Study 12

By the Custella Team

To be a business, you need one of two things, services or products. Some companies optimize business by providing both. Machine Manufacturers like HVAC companies are an example.

Keeping track of inventory is of utmost importance for business optimization. You must know whats available in your stores before offering it to your customers. Say that you’re unknowingly running low on stock but commit to a large order.Uh oh, that’s a recipe for disaster.

At the same time, it’s important to respond quickly to sales inquiries before customers move on to one of your competitors. Always keep in mind, there is a plethora of options out there and you want to retain your customers.


The Troubles with Manual Inventory Management


We studied a company that was facing some troubles in this area. Every time they needed to answer a customer about inventory, they had to come back to the office to check their availability. This way, much time was being lost for both the company and the customer. Wilson, the CEO, said this about the matter,

“Whenever we needed to check on inventory, telephone communication was never an optimal way to do it, trying to juggle multiple calls and messages. The agent would have to come back and check for himself if we have exactly what the customer needs. Time is money, and we were losing a lot of it on this commute. It wasn’t business optimization as we know it.”


What the company needed was a faster and more precise way of getting information about inventory. An inventory management system is what would optimize a business in times like this.


Business Optimization with an Inventory Management System


With an inventory management system, the service provider will have access to necessary information right in his palms. Information can be integrated in the system about sold and pending orders for reserved inventory.

That way, when your field service agent goes to the customer’s location he can just check on the mobile app to see if the necessary inventory is available. If it is not available, he can negotiate with the customer and pre-order that product and set a delivery time.


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The manager can also see from his system keeping an eye on what items are being sold and ordered. This way he can handle his inventory optimally. When an item is sold, payment can be made right then and there and recorded instantly as well. Which saves time and eventually increases customer loyalty for the business. After all, the faster and better your products and services, the more customers you retain.


The Changes brought about with Inventory Management System


Business optimization is evident when time and resources are used efficiently and quickly. And an inventory management system can do the job. Manually managing inventory is time consuming and outdated making Wilson’s life a lot simpler.

“The inventory management system has made it easier and faster to keep track of sold and pending inventory. Answering to customers about available inventory can also be done in an instance. It not only optimized the business, but also made our customers more loyal to our products. We witnessed a 47% increase in our sales and services since we invested in an inventory management system.”- Wilson

By simplifying inventory management, business optimization can be achieved through a system such as Custella. It will optimize your business by giving your field agents real-time access to inventory records. It will also keep managers updated about their sales and revenue.

As a field service optimization tool, Custella helps you better manage your inventory and increase customer satisfaction.



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