Custella Field Service Optimization is an intelligent application built to simplify important aspects of managing field sales and service teams. It is designed to optimize the performance of your mobile workforce by automating information flow and providing real-time visibility on people and tasks.

Would you want to

  • reduce inefficiencies and cost in managing your mobile workforce?

  • identify your star performers and reward them through gamification?

  • know which person to assign a job to based on skills, availability, utilization, and proximity?

  • automate job assignments based on skills, availability, utilization, and proximity?

  • have reports to better understand the performance of your field workforce?

  • have system-generated time and mileage reports?

  • know who is doing what, where and why?

  • get easy access to past records of your customer activities for your field agents from their mobile?

  • get real-time visibility on task progress and status without manually chasing for updates?

  • enable the capturing of photos, signatures, and forms via mobile devices?

  • enable your teams to collaborate and escalate for support?


With Custella you can plan tasks, track the status of tasks through its entire lifecycle, and analyze the performance of your field agents. All in real-time.

Real-Time Location & Task Status

Optimized Task Assignments

Intelligent Scheduling

Sales & Job Order Management

Dynamic Reports

Delay Prevention


Custella is simply put an assistant that helps key members such as field service agents and service team managers, simplify their workload and improve performance. It does so by automating crucial but time-consuming functions so that you or your team can focus on important parts of your business such as increasing sales or boosting customer satisfaction.

Whether a task requires a service agent with specific skill sets, or is urgent and requires the nearest stationed agent, or the next available agent, Custella can assign just the right person you need for the task. What’s great is that this function is available for planned and ad hoc tasks.

A day-to-day calendar of a field service agent typically comprises of tasks that need to be completed at fixed times and some which are more flexible. Custella is designed to help each service agent make the best use of their time with its schedule optimizing function. It does so by letting agents reschedule their day so that they can complete tasks located closest to the last or next task location and by reducing their travel time.

Get real-time insights into the status of tasks, performance of field service agents, their location and more with Custella’s analytical dashboard. You can even generate reports in seconds on all the important statistics needed to view your team or an individual service agent’s performance.


Managing a field service team doesn’t end at task assignment. It’s about keeping your customers satisfied by getting the right field agent with the right skills needed, appearing right on time at the location – all while having data on the progress of the task and your field service agents at your fingertip. Which is exactly what Custella Field Service Optimization is built to do.


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