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Optimize Your Field Workforce and Fleet Planning

Simplify important aspects of managing field sales, service, and fleet teams in a single application.

“Refine the way your Time is spent, to Achieve more towards a greater Purpose”

– Custella’s Team

With Custella You Can Achieve

Cost Effectiveness

Save & reduce your service operations budget

Reliable Automation

Automate task allocation to the best suited agent

KPI Insights

Identify your top performers and motivate them

Useful Reporting

Speed up your analysis with insightful reports 

in real-time

Where can Custella be used?


Manage schedule & planning of door to door sales, equipment/product delivery, and your vehicles in one app and operate more efficiently.

Safety & Security

Security personnel, equipment and vehicles operators can check-in only within certain geofence radius under their jurisdiction.

Machine Manufacturers

Manage planning of Inspections at various locations e.g. person based on availability, skills, location and setup recurring maintenance sessions.


Comprehensive management through Custella’s end-to-end processing, you will have awareness and control from order inception to delivery. That’s 3 stages: sales, delivery, and installation in one application.


Know where your drivers are during work hours, and the status of jobs for faster response, deliberation, and streamlining efficiency.


Checklist for routine inspection & photo-taking as proof of job completion and reporting. Follow technician’s KPI such as time taken for resolution

IT Services

Asset tracking and tagging (e.g. monitor screens, photo copy machine) based on location, building, floor, room, sections etc. Manage inventory records & sync with master records in place.

Ambulance & Rescue Services

Prioritize logistics of medicine and resources, inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, partners, which are vital to ensuring that limited supplies are available to as many people as possible.

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Transport Management

Transport Management

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